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Let me hear you shout it, sista's!!  Nice slogan, hmm??  And it pertains so very well to this drop-dead gorgeous, bedroom-eyed babe!  I'm not gonna pull any punches here - this site is for one thing and one thing only - admiring Orlando Bloom.  It's especially built for those like myself who, being slightly older than this English lad, have a few things we wouldn't mind teaching him! <veg>  Then again, his younger fans are quite welcome, too!  Anyone who simply wants to gush about Orli is welcome here!!

So please feel free to peruse the pics, stop by the MessageBoard and join the Orlando Bloom Estrogen Brigade mailing list!  If you have any pics or news you would like to share, please feel free to do so!

This is a companion site to Prince of Mirkwood, my little dedication to Orli's superb performance as Legolas in "Fellowship of the Ring".  

Peace, hugs & Orli dreams,

















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